Executive Compensation Consulting
Hatch & Associates’ experienced HCAS and executive compensation consulting professionals have assisted companies and boards in aligning executive and employee pay and benefits programs with corporate goals and compliance objectives (mainly executive compensation consulting), and in designing alternative executive compensation consulting as well as employee compensation and benefit arrangements. Hatch & Associates also specializes in employee benefit issues but most importantly in executive compensation consulting

. Some of the compensation strategies addressed include (other than executive compensation consulting) competitive benchmarking, annual compensation discussion, board pay, peer group selection and analysis, overall compensation strategy reviews, and salary structures. When it comes to salaries and benefits, Hatch & Associates knows that there are other concerns for the hardworking CEO and that’s why strategizing and executive compensation consulting is not only a service, but a priority. Sales force effectiveness and compensation design as well as tax and accounting analysis on compensation issues are services offered by Hatch & Associates along with some of the most pertinent issues that include executive compensation consulting.
The golden parachute rules (under section 280G) are intended to discourage excessive compensation payments to executives in the event of a CIC (change-in-control benefits) by imposing negative tax consequences to both the company and the recipient. Under the rules, if the present value of a CIC payment to an executive exceeds his/her “safe harbor” (three times the executive’s average taxable compensation over the five most recent calendar years preceding the CIC or their “base amount”), the company loses tax deductions for the amounts considered “excess parachute payments.” That’s where “the golden parachute” and 280G come into action; the 280G is basically a way to keep golden parachutes under control (also think “golden handcuffs”). Additionally, the executive is required to pay a 20% excise tax on the excess payment. In order to discourage these excess payments (and thus the taxation), Section 280G has been added to the IRC by Congress. Hatch & Associates, among other things, make sure that (while using what 280G stands for) an executive receives their safe harbor (which can be up the three times their base amount) upon termination.
Physician compensation consultant
As health care shifts from volume-based to value-based patient-focused care, new models of physician compensation will emerge and that’s where physician compensation consultants are important.  Leading health care organizations are actively addressing which physicians they bring on board because quality care is becoming more important and financial compensation is a big part of it; the goal is for a physician’s compensation to reflect the care they provide (this includes efficiency, timeliness, whether the patient is satisfied, etc.) A physician compensation consultant focuses solely on physician compensation matters. Specialist physicians are experiencing changes in the workplace due to healthcare reform and need compensation consultants to assure proper remuneration for hours worked and the quality or healthcare provided.
Healthcare compensation consulting
Healthcare compensation consulting is the specialization of healthcare salary and benefits. A healthcare compensation consultant helps to provide comprehensive compensation and HR consulting services including executive and sales compensation.
Performance Management Consulting
Hatch & Associates offers a wide range of performance management consulting services that include annual compensation discussion and analysis proxy disclosure assistance. This type of consulting that deals with annual compensation highly depends on performance management consulting. At the end of each work year, companies seek ways to boost their employees’ effectiveness in the workplace. This is when having someone who is an expert at performance management consulting is vital to a business. Performance management consulting deals with implementation consulting in order to develop strategies for communication that helps a business to run more smoothly. Success assurance consulting is key when it comes to any corporation or business thriving; that’s why Hatch & Associates’ offer of performance management consulting is so important. Reviews triggered by corporate events (merger, acquisition, restructuring, etc.) as well as competitive reviews of company performance are all part of performance management consulting. Peer group selection and analysis as well as overall compensation strategy reviews all depend on the expertise of professional consultants and performance management consulting offered by Hatch & Associates.
Executive Compensation Expert Witness
Hatch & Associates’ experienced HCAS professionals and executive compensation expert witnesses have assisted companies and boards in aligning executive and employee pay and benefits programs with corporate goals and compliance objectives, as well as in designing alternative executive and employee compensation and benefit arrangements. An executive compensation expert witness is often needed in wrongful termination cases and especially divorce cases. When executive/employee compensation issues arise, Hatch & Associates specializes in having an executive compensation expert witness to deal with the IRS as far as unreasonable compensation is concerned.  They also specialize in competitive benchmarking, annual and long-term incentive plans, and deferred compensation programs (where an executive compensation expert witness is vital). Executive employment issues and contract negotiation support, salary management issues, competitive reviews of company performance and stock award guidelines are also just a few more of the services provided by Hatch & Associates. All of these services need and include an executive compensation expert witness to help assure their clients that they’re making the right decisions and have the best possible resolution when problems arise with IRS disputes, etc.