Compensation Strategies
Hatch & Associates experienced HCAS professionals have assisted companies and boards in aligning executive and employee pay and benefits programs with corporate goals and compliance objectives, and in designing alternative executive and employee compensation and benefit arrangements.
Executive/employee compensation and benefit issues
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Annual and long-term incentive plans
  • Deferred compensation programs
  •  Sales force effectiveness and compensation design
  • Executive employment issues and contract negotiation support
  • Salary management issues
  • Salary structures
  • Broad-based employee stock option and stock purchase programs
  • Tax and accounting analysis on compensation issues
  • Million Dollar Cap on Executive Pay {§162(m)} planning
  • (Golden Parachute §280G computations)
  • Accounting for Stock Options {ASC 718 (formerly FAS 123R)} compliance and administrative support
  • Intermediate Sanctions (NFP organizations) studies
  • Forensic analysis support (expert witness) Compensation committee and board of directors advisory services
  • Overall compensation strategy reviews
  • Retained role as the independent compensation committee advisor
  • Peer group selection & analysis
  • Competitive reviews of company performance
  • Stock award guidelines
  • Share ownership guidelines
  • Executive benefit programs and funding design
  • Pay metric risk assessments
  • Annual compensation discussion and analysis proxy disclosure assistance
  • Reviews triggered by corporate events (merger, acquisition, restructuring, etc.)
  • Board pay, review and design