Executive Compensation Expert Witness
Hatch & Associates’ experienced HCAS professionals and executive compensation expert witnesses have assisted companies and boards in aligning executive and employee pay and benefits programs with corporate goals and compliance objectives, as well as in designing alternative executive and employee compensation and benefit arrangements. An executive compensation expert witness is often needed in wrongful termination cases and especially divorce cases. When executive/employee compensation issues arise, Hatch & Associates specializes in having an executive compensation expert witness to deal with the IRS as far as unreasonable compensation is concerned.  They also specialize in competitive benchmarking, annual and long-term incentive plans, and deferred compensation programs (where an executive compensation expert witness is vital). Executive employment issues and contract negotiation support, salary management issues, competitive reviews of company performance and stock award guidelines are also just a few more of the services provided by Hatch & Associates. All of these services need and include an executive compensation expert witness to help assure their clients that they’re making the right decisions and have the best possible resolution when problems arise with IRS disputes, etc.