Hatch & Associates’ experienced HCAS and executive compensation consulting professionals have assisted companies and boards in aligning executive and employee pay and benefits programs with corporate goals and compliance objectives (mainly executive compensation consulting), and in designing alternative
executive compensation consulting as well as employee compensation and benefit arrangements.

Hatch & Associates also specializes in employee benefit issues but most importantly in executive compensation consulting. Some of the compensation strategies addressed include (other than executive compensation consulting) competitive benchmarking, annual compensation discussion, board pay, peer group selection and analysis, overall compensation strategy reviews, and salary structures.

When it comes to salaries and benefits, Hatch & Associates knows that there are other concerns for the hardworking CEO and that’s why strategizing and executive compensation consulting is not only a service, but a priority. Sales force effectiveness and compensation design as well as tax and accounting analysis on compensation issues are services offered by Hatch & Associates along with some of the most pertinent issues that include executive compensation consulting.